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Thumbs up kudos to K'Tesh for posting this thread!

So, after reading this I decided I needed to go get a dustpan and broom from the Dollar Tree. Just before I left I realized that I could just use a couple trash bags that were doubled up in place of a bucket; and that way I could sweep up a pile of glass on my way back home that I have to dodge every time I come back from my beer runs. And then I found an old broom and a partly busted, yet working, industrial sized dustpan in the back yard! So I threw the broom and a trash bags in the pannier, and was much pleased to find that the dustpan could be held to the side of the rack securely with but one bungee! Since going to the dollar tree was no longer needed, and I now had more time, I decided I would ride east pass the glass pile I had planned to sweep up, into Gresham until I found some glass to sweep up before turning back around and getting the other pile. Soon enough, a bit passed 181st, I found a long scattered pile, a good 40+ feet long. I guess I'm a little rusty on my sweeping skills, cuz it took me several minutes to realize that sweeping the glass in to smaller piles and then going back and sweeping up all the little piles was the most efficient way to go about it (and easier on the back), verses trying to sweep much longer section into bigger piles, or, um... trying sweep every little shard, one at a time, into in the dustpan. By the time I got done I didn't have enough daylight left to sweep up the first pile I plant to sweep up, but I can get it tomorrow, and I also found nice sized pile on the NE corner of SE 181st I can get too.

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