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As this is one of my commute routes, I know it well. From the Parkrose/Sumner station (as far north as you want to go) on Max, head north on the bike trail to Columbia/Killingsworth and cross at the intersection with Sandy. The trail will dip down and then up to cross Airport Way. It will duck under I-5 northbound and come up in the center of 205. Head north and up over the bridge and the trail will drop down between the lanes and head parallel to SR14 westbound to Ellsworth. I would ride up and over the overpass over SR14 and head up the hill to 10th Ave (the top of the hill). Turn right and cross over 205, turning left at the next stop sign (Chekalov). From here you can continue past Trader Joes along Chekalov which becomes Gher/112th/Covington to Padden, or you can head north along Chekalov to 7th, turn right to 136th and then turn left (north) to get to Padden. Both routes can be trafficky, but welcome to Vancouver!
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