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I used to have the same route (NE 37th and Bryce to 13th and Hoyt). The best advice I can give is to experiment and figure out what works best for you. I started going down NE Knott to and from work and I hated it. Sure it is a wide road with not many traffic lights, but too much traffic for my tastes. Here is the route I used to the Pearl.

1. NE Bryce and left on NE Regence
2. NE Regence and left on NE 21 and right on NE Fremont
3. NE Fremont (sprint) to and left on NE 14 or 13
4. Right on NE Siskiyou and right on NE 7
5. Quick left on NE Mason
6. NE Mason (cross MLK with no light) and left on N Van or Williams (I can never remember which on is southbound).
7. Right on N Russell and immediate left on N Flint (follow sign to Broadway bridge)
8. Right on N Broadway and over the bridge

From here I'd take Lovejoy, but you might find it easier to travel down Broadway and make a right on Davis.

On the way home I'd go over the bridge and take the bike on NE Weidler up to NE 21. Turn right on NE Tillamook. Left on NE 23rd and right on NE Regence to go back home.
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