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Default If only my airzound was working, your ears would be ringing mo-fo.

Time/Date: about 5pm. Sunday June 1st.

Newer-looking silver car. License plate 71? ???. Car makes a hissing type sound, like an air compressor, when shifting.

Driver: Mid 20's. Not skinny. Dark short hair. Possible Hispanic descent.

Location: Powell, next to the credit union that is east of 122nd.

Diver was sitting in his car that was partially in the bikelane with engine on. His passenger had just jumped into the car. I whistled to alert the diver that I was passing so he wouldn't door me, or pull out and run me over. The driver stuck his hand out his window and flipped me the bird, I followed suit while I passed him. The driver then preceded to pull out and drive towards me in the bikelane, I pulled over to the right (without stopping) and the driver passed me while fully in the bikelane.

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