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Default Using the hazards

I hope it isn't a violation of the law, but since my wife was rear ended stopping at a crosswalk, we've made it a habit to throw on the hazards when approaching our neighborhood crosswalks.

Seriously - our crosswalks out here in Gateway are clearly marked, usually in a school zone and many have flashing yellow lights triggered by peds, yet stuff like rear endings still happen - kids are still getting hit - I've seen 2 in the last year.

This side of town refuses to slow down or take them seriously.

Part of the problem is they stretch over 4 lanes of traffic - so we'll stop in our lane... oh you folks know what happens.

So I use the flashers... I honk... wave my arms out the window - sometimes yell out to the pedestrian - "Hey watch this guy behind me!!!" - whatever it takes to get attention for the safety of the more vulnerable.

You know what I think folks like us are really compensating for? Impatience and arrogance of other drivers. It seems some drivers (AND CYCLISTS) assume that no one but them truly knows how to drive skillfully. WE are simply too incompetent to drive as fast and as "well" as they do - so they are "forced" to pass on the right - dart from lane to lane, cut us off in traffic, sit in our blind spot, tailgate, etc.

Obviously we aren't going slow or stopping for any reason - we're just stupid morons who don't know what they are doing right?

Does any of this resonate with certain cyclist behavior as well - i.e. pedestrians on Hawthorne? Hmmmmm....
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