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Lightbulb I guess I'm not the only one who generally doesn't like being waved on.

Originally Posted by djasonpenney View Post
I agree, it actually makes it less safe when they wave us through because it surprises everyone--the other cars in the intersection as well as me.

More on this rant here
I would have to agree with you on this. I usually dislike being yielded to at a stop sign when it's not required by law.

As a cyclist living on the east side of Vancouver, I've noticed something odd about drivers here (Vancouver) and there (Portland). Any other suburbanites may also have noticed this, but I have yet to find many other ones who cycle. Here in suburbia, of the few drivers who do yield to a cyclist when it isn't necessary, a majority of them tend to hold the "holier-than-thou" mentality, yielding to what they consider to be toys. When I ride in Portland, however, most drivers who do seem to yield out of respect for cyclists as another legitimate road user. It's one of those differences that really gives Portland a much better air about the city concerning cycling.
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