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Default Nice, yet somewhat awkward

I have two incidents to report from this very morning's ride to work:

1) I came to a 4-way stop at the same time as a car from the opposite direction. I was signaling a left turn, the car opposite me was not signaling. Even though I believe the car driver had the r-o-w (straight ahead trumps left turn, all else being equal), she waved me through and waited for me to make my turn.

2) As I was approaching my workplace, I needed to make a left turn from the street into the driveway of my office complex. Following proper VC form, I signaled a left turn and merged over toward the center line. There was a truck coming from behind me, and about 5 - 7 oncoming cars that I was preparing to wait for. I think it was about the third one of the oncoming cars (a Volvo, no less) that actually stopped and turned on their hazards, holding up the 3 - 4 remaining vehicles, then waved me through my turn.

While I appreciate these gestures and the awareness/cooperative spirit they represent, it usually makes me uncomfortable when the normal rules of the road are suspended on my account because drivers want to be nice.
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