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And now I've got another one!

On my ride home from work last night, I have to go up a kind-of steep hill in a residential area that has no bike lane, no shoulder, varying widths-- and speed humps. It's a 25mph piece of road.

So I'm huffing and puffing, dragging myself up this hill by sheer force of will (hey, it was a long day at work), having taken the lane... and I hear a car approaching behind me.

I push a little harder to get to the wide spot faster, and glance in my mirror-- the car is hanging way back (two car lengths), waiting for me.

I get to the wide spot and swing over to the right, and they get over into the other lane to pass me-- giving me the full width of the lane, not just 3 feet.

I look over with a smile as they pass, and they smile back and nod politely; they didn't even gun the motor and take off like usually happens to me.

Oh, and earlier, at the two four-way stops I have to go through, people waited politely for me to clear the intersection on my turn instead of rushing me from one side or the other. Awesome.
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