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it is too bad that we far more often remember and/or hear about the bad drivers. Since this thread started I've been trying to mentally catalog my good-driver experiences, and there have been many more than bad.

This morning's: coming down Clinton to work @ around 7am - I get passed at the 34th Ave intersection by a woman roadie who is blowing every stop-sign with barely a sideways glance to make sure cars are coming. We're going roughly the same speed (except that I'm actually stopping at the stop-signs) so I shadow her for a while to see what she does at the 4-way stops. She blew 26th and then took a right on 21st - only slowing down enough to actually make the corner. A car headed southbound on 21st (in the opposite direction) watches her do this and the lady driving rolls her eyes and shakes her head. As I stop at the stop sign a few beats after the car, who is already stopped, I see her notice me, smile, and wave me through. I'm in "cycling PR mode" at this point and insist she goes first - but she crosses her arms and won't budge (again with a big smile on her face). I mouthed "THANK YOU!" and rode on.

Maybe she was rewarding me for stopping? Either way, it was a nice gesture, especially a few seconds after watching a cyclist flout the law.

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