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Default Recommendations for a Commuting Bike...

There's a lot of different opinions on this. I do think a road bike is a good idea. Mudguards and mud flaps are absolutely essential here.

If I had a clean slate and $$$ to work with, I would seriously consider the Trek Portland. The disk brakes mean that you can get away with a lot less cleaning during the winter months, and it comes complete with decent fenders.

However, I didn't have a clean slate. I had a 70's vintage UJB crying for some use, so I sank way too many $$$ into it and now it's the love of my life. Oh well, I can still fantasize about a Trek Portland...

Originally Posted by bramasole_iowa View Post
OK. I'm here.
Been in Portland a week, exploring.
Still looking for a job.
I'm at Multnomah Village. Will start seriously jobhunting in a few days. Figured a week to 10 days of exploring and relaxing was in order.
I've got a mountain bike, but considering getting a road bike for any commuting along roads. Any suggestions for what I should get?
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