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Originally Posted by dahoos78 View Post
how do I get to that center lane across 205? Maybe I'll just have to ride it to find it....but when driving 205 all of a sudden the center trail comes out of nowhere, obiously up a hill to the bridge....but from where?
If you're coming on the bike trail from the intersection of Sandy and the I-205 on-ramp, look for the entrance to the Glen Jackson Bridge bike trail basically right across from (and above) the Home Depot parking lot. Someone else may be able to explain this one better.

Originally Posted by dahoos78 View Post
And then once on the other side in WA it seems to dip back down and then disappear.
It ends up winding briefly parallel to Hwy 14, exiting onto a residential street and then ending up at Ellsworth. I'm not sure about the best way to get from Ellsworth up to Padden Parkway. I usually go north and west through residential streets to get to the Burnt Bridge Creek trail, which goes near my house, but not sure about getting farther north.
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