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Default Ok all you Portland to Vanc. bikers. Question.

So I'm planning out my commute originally starting in Gresham and going to Vancouver area (off of 205 on St. Johns St.)

I think I may take the Max to the 205 interchange station and maybe take the red line towards the airport to get a head start...but even if I don't and I chose to take the Spring Water Corridor to the 205 parallel trail how do I get to that center lane across 205? Maybe I'll just have to ride it to find it....but when driving 205 all of a sudden the center trail comes out of nowhere, obiously up a hill to the bridge....but from where?

And then once on the other side in WA it seems to dip back down and then disappear. Somehow I need to keep heading north to Padden Pkwy. Any suggestions would help. I may just need to jump on my bike and hope for the best on a test run. Thanks.
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