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Cool Yet ANOTHer route question... Crossing NE Broadway??

Hey everyone,

Sorry to add to the flood of "route suggestion" questions here (maybe we could have a new section just for "route advice" *hinthint*)...

I've just started making the commute from North Portland to downtown. I'm not terribly thrilled about riding across the Broadway Bridge and up Broadway... I'd much prefer to head over the Steel Bridge or down the Esplanade (I work in south downtown near PSU).

So say you end up riding down Vancouver, and then down Broadway until almost the bridge (Interstate Ave)... It seems crazy to attempt a left-hand turn across Broadway. As a result, the last few times I've crossed at the crosswalk on Broadway and Interstate. This seems kind of cumbersome and awkward. Is there anyway to avoid this?

What is your preferred route to head from NoPo to the Esplanade or the Steel Bridge?

I've tried the route-finder, and it was okaaay, but I'm hoping someone has some advice from personal experience?

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