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Default Feel the Kool-Stops within you, Luke!

Salmon-colored Kool-Stops are the best! When was the last time you checked your brake pads?

But seriously, whichever way you come out of the zoo I think you'll face about a block of serious steepness. Another reason to try this route some day when you have time.

Originally Posted by Psyfalcon View Post
Park to Salmon is only if you have good brakes. I won't ride it on my steel rimmed bike if there is wet roads or the threat of rain. That bike wont make the stop sign on Park, or the bottom of Salmon! Watch the buses parked down the road from the school. They force you to take the lane since they block the shoulder.
ORS 811.065 (1)(a):

The driver of a motor vehicle may only pass a person operating a bicycle by driving to the left of the bicycle at a safe distance and returning to the lane of travel once the motor vehicle is safely clear of the overtaken bicycle. For the purposes of this paragraph, a “safe distance” means a distance that is sufficient to prevent contact with the person operating the bicycle if the person were to fall into the driver’s lane of traffic....

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