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Originally Posted by Schrauf View Post
I can confirm the southbound side appears to be about a foot wider than northbound. This is odd because I thought northbound was the newer of the two spans.
If you are talking about the direction of interstate traffic, then the northbound span is in fact the older of the two. You can tell in the girder styles; the older one having riveted girders. The overall span is also narrower as well; 38 to 40 feet (hard to tell if you aren't looking for it).

As most of my bike trips to and from Portland are southbound on 205 and northbound on the Interstate Bridge, I usually just stick to the northbound (eastern/older) span. Personally, I am a tad more comfortable on this one, as the rail is suspended over the side and therefore not taking up space with concrete posts like the other span.

Mind you, this is just my opinion, and may not be applicable for your riding style.
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