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you take the same route I do. On the way home where traffic backs up to get onto 405 I believe...when your heading south out of downtown on Natio I believe. Well if you are on the southbound lane side of the road you can follow the turn off right before the 405 entrance it takes you too a side road right next to 405 that has a 7-11 on the corner. Well you can ride about 3 blocks into that neighborhood and make a left at the side street where they have all the blocks up for the new OHSU tram...that lets you ride right along natio/barbur with out actually being on that busy road. Then you follow the sidewalk up about a 200ft LARGE incline that dumps you back onto the bike path of Natio/Barbur. I know thats kind of confusing so if you don't understand email me at and I'll try and get you a detailed map or something.
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