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Originally Posted by fmkissel View Post
Unless I'm mistaken, the route Jeff suggested looks like it could be about 80 miles.....I don't want to take the group on an 80 mile day for their last day. Any suggestions to shorten this route to 60, max 70 miles?

Really? My wife and I rode from Champoeg State Park (about 13 miles from Willamette Mission) to home (Vancouver, Washington- about 15 miles from downtown Portland) and we were done by 3PM, with a full touring load, and taking it easy. I don't think it was much over 65 miles. (No computer- haven't had one for 15 years.)

Haven's warnings about the Pete's Mountain area (Mountain, Turner, and Willamette) are valid, but we had no problems. Traffic was pretty light and quite considerate.

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