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Originally Posted by fmkissel View Post
Thanx to both of you for the reply! I greatly appreciate the information you've provided on both the route and the safety concerns. I was trying to avoid crossing the Willamette again and was hoping to be able to ride into Portland on the West side of the river, but your advice is to go up on the East side.
I'll let you know if I have any other questions.

Thank you, again!!!!
Crossing the Willamette is not a big deal. Did you get the private message I sent?

You can cross it at the Wheatland Ferry by Willamette Mission State Park. Or the Canby Ferry in Canby (steep climb up from the ferry, but very short). Or over Hwy 219 south of Newberg. Or the Boone Bridge over I-5.

Unfortunately, the most direct route is I-5 or Hwy 99, and they both suck.
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