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Originally Posted by fmkissel View Post
Help! I need a route from Salem to NW Portland to complete a 2 week tour of Oregon that our San Diego bike club is doing in June. I'm stuck as to how to get from Salem to Portland (specifically, NW Vaughn St) - do we use the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway up to Champoeg Park and then over to NW Portland, do we use 99 or do we use a route on the east side of the 5 to take us back? The shortest and safest route would be great if anyone has any suggestions for me????

Thanx so much
Fern Kissl
I did this last October (actually, Vancouver, WA down to Eugene and return):

Follow the Monster Cookie route north from Salem:
(either leg- they're about the same). From Champoeg, go east to Butteville, either on Champoeg Rd. or on the off-street path that starts in the state park. Continue east on Arndt Rd. and Knights Bridge, stop in Canby if you like. From Canby, go north on N. Holly St. and cross the Willamette on the Canby Ferry (free for bikes!). Continue north on SW Mountain Rd. (not mountainous, just hilly). Turn right at SW Turner Rd. (if you get to Stafford, you've gone too far).

Descend Turner to SW Borland and turn right. Borland turns into Willamette Falls Dr., which eventually drops you into Oregon City. From Oregon City, there's a bike path that takes you under I-205, over the Willamette, paralleling Highway 99E/McLoughlin Bl. Once you're in Gladstone, get off McLoughlin and onto SE River Rd. Follow River Rd. to Milwaukie (and McLoughlin again) and get on to SE 17th Ave. into Sellwood.

Once in Sellwood, turn left on Umatilla or Spokane and follow them to the Oaks Bottom trail. Follow the Oaks Bottom Trail into downtown. Once in downtown, you'll have to cross over the Willamette once again on the Hawthorne or Steel bridges, and then make your way to NW Vaughn. Following Naito/Front to Thurman would be your best bet.

Much of the last 15 miles or so is on bike lanes or bike paths and is well worn by many riders of all abilities.

Hope this helps.

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