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Originally Posted by finallyinpdx View Post
Does anyone commute in from Tigard or Beaverton to downtown, or to the Pearl? Any advice on a route would be appreciated.
Coming back west from Portland - there is always the MAX to get you over the hills, for those days you just dont want to do it.

That said, if you head west on Jefferson, pass the Goose Hollow MAX station, and it looks like you are getting on the freeway, just where the road bends to the left, there is a path on your right.

Switchback your way up (turn left onto Madison), it takes you to Lewis and Clark Circle. Go straight ahead, and the road will take you up through Washington Park, past the Rose Garden, then up the evil little stretch just west of the Rose Garden (low gears? you'll want them here). Eventually you'll get to the Zoo. Then do K'Tesh's suggested route in reverse, except I personally would not ride on Hwy 26 or Hwy 217. There are adequate surface streets in the area. Once you have a general location, I would be happy to tell you which ones would work for you.
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