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Cool Hwy217 to Hellway

Originally Posted by finallyinpdx View Post
Does anyone commute in from Tigard or Beaverton to downtown, or to the Pearl? Any advice on a route would be appreciated.
Might sound a bit scary, but Hwy 217, and Hwy 26 are both legal.

Head north on Hwy 217 towards Hwy 26, take the exit just before Ridgewood park. Take a Left on SW Wilshire St (East), go two blocks then left onto SW Knollcrest Dr.. At the end of Knollcrest is the beginning of the Hwy 26 bike trail. Follow the trail up to SW Pointer Rd. Left on SW Camelot, turn at the bike trail. Follow the trail up to SW Skyline Blvd. Cross Skyline, follow the trail down to SW Canyon Ct..

Now you have an option, you can at SW Zoo Rd, go up (left) to the Zoo, and bomb down that way

Or (my preference)

Go Down (right) to the Hwy 26 Onramp, and take the Hellway Zoobomb down to Goose Hollow. Follow Hwy 26 down to the SW Jefferson Street exit, thru the tunnel, and there you are.

Climbs, and fast downhills... Tons O Fun!

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