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Default its hard to get a license when traffic passes that fast

i've definitely seen speeds that fast eastbound on the bridge. closing speeds are still fast when you compare 30 mph to 60 mph. the whole crossing is unpleasant. either you're trying to move at a decent clip and dodging traffic on the road deck, or you're trying to not fall over the rail from the sidewalk, and those tight spots by the towers require almost stopping each way. i ride in st johns fairly often, but i avoid going over the bridge because it sucks, and because it dumps you onto a bunch of sucky riding.
if you're trying to get to sauvie its fine, but if its just the west hills, i go up cornell/thompson or saltzman.

what is the multnomah/clackamas/washington county help line non emergency #. i usually dial 911, but its not the appropriate #

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