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Default No Po to Sauvie

Originally Posted by noordijk View Post
I'm planning to start commuting via bicycle from North Portland to Sauvie Island and was wondering about the safety of biking over the St. Johns Bridge.


I can't speak to commute-hour conditions, but I rode this route on Sunday and was pleased. West-bound there was a lot of debris on the sidewalk, but it was wide enough to feel safe with no other traffic (read: pedestrians).

Returning eastbound you have a climb from Hwy 30 and need to be alert at a couple of intersections (NW Germantown & Springville coming out of the Forest Park side, essentially from over your right shoulder). You also need to be careful about moving over to the left-hand turn lane to get back on the bridge. On a Sunday, not too bad. During rush hour? Dunno.
I encountered a pedestrian on the eastbound leg over the Bridge. The sidewalk is narrow enough that I chose to stop and let her pass.

Enjoy the views on your ride!
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