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Default Praise be to the Route!

Some unprompted random praise...

I don't have a whole lot of experience on the other routes, but I have to say, that SE Lincoln/Harrison is the nicest neighborhood route I've been on. Smooth pavement, minimal uncontrolled crossings, no bizarre zig-zag connections... even with the construction on 60th.

In fact CoP has gone above and beyond with the construction on 60th. I am going to miss the extra attention the flaggers pay to bicycles and pedestrians. They've turned one of the least safe intersections/crossings on my route into one of the safest.

One minor drawback... heading East, it's pretty much all uphill until you get over Mt. Tabor.

Tip for speed freaks: The lights on 39th and 47th(?) are timed so if you're sitting at one and get a good jump when the light turns green you can make the second one, but you have to average about 16-19 mph. I think this works either direction.
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