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Exclamation The Watch List...

BEFORE replying to this thread, please read the following carefully.

You had a run in with a driver who harrassed you or somehow did something so stupid to you or another cyclist that they should be watched out for... Here is where you post the license plate of the vehicle, a description of the vehicle, and a brief description of the event. Just reply to this thread...

Post on the watch list ONLY if you have license plate, or such a solid description of the car (such as an art car) that we could recognize it... Perhaps if enough people can document their run-in's with the same vehicle, we can use it to build a case for legal action. Pics are encouraged. If you have questions then please post them on The Watch List's Q & A thread.

This list IS NOT for advise, questions, or sympathy messages, they will be deleted or moved, it is only to record the bare minimums. This is done so we don't have to read tons of unrelated material. A second, more detailed post can be done in the Close Call subforum, and a link can be set up between this thread and the other post (and the usual replies can be done in the Close Call subforum). And again, if you have questions, please post them to The Watch List's Q & A thread.

Lets Pray This List Stays Short.
Be Safe Out There!
Riding my bike is MY pursuit of Happiness!!!

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