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K'Tesh 02-27-2013 09:30 PM

Another Cyclist Hit On 99W Tigard
Tonight (2013/2/27) as I was commuting home on the bus, I saw a bunch of police lights on a stretch of 99W I've come to LOATH.

Sure enough, another cyclist was hit by a right turning car. Looks like he took it in the rear wheel and was knocked off the bike. His leg had some minor abrasions, near the knee and ankle. But he was up and about talking with the officer.

Happened at the uphill entry to the Fred Meyers (the one that's closest the the US Bank drive up ATM). Two blocks from where I was hit in 2011 (This makes that stretch of 99W's toll about 10 that I know of)

I went back and talked to him after the police took his statement, and gave him some advice on what he's going to need to do (first hand knowledge).

Go to get the leg looked at tonight... I told him about my experience from 2007

Take the bike into the Bike Gallery and get it inspected (rear wheel is thrashed). Since the bike wouldn't need to be inspected except for the crash, the $35 fee is completely on the insurance.

Report the crash (not accident) to the DMV within 72 hours.

I gave him the name of a good law firm (I use Swanson Thomas and Coon) (that's Ray Thomas's firm... (see Williams v. Philip Morris)).

Hopefully he'll be made whole quickly.

Ride Safe Out There, Motorists still aren't looking
God Bless

K'Tesh 02-28-2013 06:06 AM

It was late when I posted, and I should have added some additional info into the post that more closely showed the situation.

For those who don't know, 99W backs up with cars frequently in this stretch of road during the evening rush hour.

It's long, it's straight, and there's a bike lane. Like my situation the cyclist was in the bike lane and was doing the passing. The motorist (as in my situation) didn't expect that they'd be passed by a bicycle on the right, and made a turn without looking. I my situation, I was cut off and plowed into the fender in front of the front wheel. This guy nearly made it across the driveway when the motorist hit him. Both of us were riding slower than possible (or posted) when our collisions occurred. I was past the worst part of the road (Fred Meyer's) and was doing between 20 and 25 miles per hour. This guy said he was going slow, and I THINK I overheard him say he was doing 15 mph. The posted speed is 35, and one night, a very long time ago, when traffic was nearly non-existent I hit 40mph (in the traffic lane).

I'm sure that he's glad he was wearing his helmet when it happened. I know I was when I was hit.

lovedoctor 02-28-2013 09:07 AM

As mentioned in another thread here, Fred Meyer seems to like to locate themselves on the downhill slopes where these events occur. My particular Spot Of Doom is a Freddie's driveway just past Bertha on 99/Barbur. Same scenario.

Glad to hear the victim is OK. And Kudos to K'Tesh for providing physical/emotional/informational support.

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