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Oldguyonabike 01-09-2013 09:33 PM

Night Ride in Oaxaca
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Greetings from Oaxaca

So, looking for a night ride?

We were in Oaxaca last month and I heard about a weekly ride. It took awhile to figure out the logistics, but they have a weekly night rides on wed and fri nights year round.
When I showed at the collectivo the guy was surprised to see a gringo but very welcoming. When I pointed out that the rented fat tire bike for 50 pesos ((~$10) did not shift he pointed out that there were no rear gears and the front duel gears had no cable. The tire were inflated. The route was flat. He encouraged me to have a good time.
And I did.
In typical american fashion I was ready @ 8:45 for the advertised 9:00 start time. No one there. Nervous. By 9:15 we had ~100 and off we went. Lead rider had a boom box. No lights. No helmets. I was not only the only gringo but I was also the only one older than 30 ( he says approaching 60).
We blew whistles they handed out. Laughed. Talked. Biked at < 5mph for 2 hrs cruising city streets without any city dissension. It is a time when Oaxacan youth find a time to socialize. At that speed we had accidents and other riders would steer, work around, laugh and move on.
I have not figued out how to directly load pics onto strings like K'Tesh, but I hope these paint a picture for you to take to your next trip to Oaxaca



K'Tesh 01-09-2013 09:48 PM



To answer your question oldguy, I use flickr for image storage online, and it has a way of sharing... What I did here, was take your attachments, open them, then copy the URL's. Next I pasted the URL's into the message. I added "["img"]" (w/o the quotes) before the URL, and "["/img"]" after it. Upon posting the message, the images come up...

Now, I really like that T-shirt... You gonna bring one back for me? 3XL ;)

Alan 01-09-2013 10:23 PM

Wow, looks like fun! Thanks for the trip report! Is that you in the white "Bicicleta" t-shirt, on the red bike?

Oldguyonabike 01-09-2013 10:26 PM

Thanks K'Tesh for the e-help
It would be great for a concept like this to get traction locally

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