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Alan 09-15-2011 03:15 PM

Crash, Hazard & Theft reports: http://www.bikewise.org/
I hope that "collisions" and "hazards" are close enough to fit in this Close Calls forum. ;)

Anyway, the other day Dovestrobe asked about where to report bike collisions and all I had at that time was the BikePortland B-SMaRT page. It suffers from lack of publicity and being generally ignored, although it still works just fine. Today I ran across this site:

http://www.bikewise.org/ (BikeWise)

It's run by Cascade Bicycle Club of Seattle and it collects reports on bike collisions, hazards and theft. It uses geo-IP to display what it thinks is your local area but it also lets you drill in to select other areas and categories. The reports it collects are all organized by location and mapped onto Google maps, and it has more recent reports for Portland than the B-SMaRT page. It lets you sort various incidents by categories, too.

It also has pages about bicycle safety practices and suggestions.

Check it out!

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