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turbodog 08-28-2006 12:46 PM

Best Route from Barbur to Hawthorne Bridge?
My commute home takes me down Barbur Blvd and eventually over the Hawthorne Bridge. Riding down Barbur itself is pretty sketchy, but I think the worst part is getting from Barbur proper, onto Naito and into Waterfront Park, right around here.

Barbur --> Naito is very direct, but I seem to get squeezed by cars on both my right and left where Naito goes from 2 to 1 lane, then merges with Kelly on the right.

Any suggestions on a better way to get home (but preferably not by continuing on to SW 4th and the downtown traffic)? Is there a way to get from Barbur to Moody, which, presumably, would put me into Waterfront Park?

GelFreak 08-28-2006 01:36 PM

you take the same route I do. On the way home where traffic backs up to get onto 405 I believe...when your heading south out of downtown on Natio I believe. Well if you are on the southbound lane side of the road you can follow the turn off right before the 405 entrance it takes you too a side road right next to 405 that has a 7-11 on the corner. Well you can ride about 3 blocks into that neighborhood and make a left at the side street where they have all the blocks up for the new OHSU tram...that lets you ride right along natio/barbur with out actually being on that busy road. Then you follow the sidewalk up about a 200ft LARGE incline that dumps you back onto the bike path of Natio/Barbur. I know thats kind of confusing so if you don't understand email me at Gelfreak91@lycos.com and I'll try and get you a detailed map or something.

GelFreak 08-28-2006 01:39 PM

I looked at the map you provided ... 1st street runs you right along front without having to put up with the traffic. Hope that helped.

turbodog 08-28-2006 02:25 PM

Thanks for the reply GelFreak. The route you describe is pretty much what I do on the way *out*. However, I'm looking for a better route coming back, i.e. northbound on Barbur toward the Hawthorne Bridge.

One day I will try taking SW 1st as far N as I can, but I really want to find out if there's a good way to get from Barbur to the SoWa area east of I-5.

brock 08-28-2006 02:29 PM

I know you asked for a non-downtown route, but compared to what you described I'd take that as the better option. I used to take Barbur to 4th, then a right onto Madison to cross the Hawthorne, but the Barbur/Naito intersection is scary and I never want to wait at the crosswalk. Now I just take Terwilliger to avoid all of that. Not as direct and a little hilly, but nice since there's a bike lane and the speed limit is 25. Then through downtown on 6th, right onto Madison. Good luck!

shhambo 08-28-2006 07:31 PM

skip naito
ride on what is it 6th that goes into town? then hang right on the street that takes you accross the Hawthorne bridge. There is a little trick where traffic merges from I-5. But it beats dealing w/Naito Prwkay.

jami 08-30-2006 08:43 AM

i'd try terwilliger once at least
i'd second brock on giving terwilliger a try. it is hilly, but it's a ride so pleasant people do it for fun. just stay on it until it ends, take a right and stay on that until you're headed downtown on sixth. but going through the highway mess at sixth and arthur really isn't that great either -- it's where i've had my only serious accident, the red light lasts forever, and you end up with a bike lane dead-ending and dumping you in traffic downtown. it still sounds safer than your route, but my impression is that you're willing to trade some security for speed.

turbodog 08-30-2006 12:38 PM

> you're willing to trade some security for speed


FWIW, last time I took the bike path off Barbur just past the Barbur/Naito split that puts you on SW 1st near Curry. I took 1st all the way to Harrison. After a quick right then left, I'm only 2 blocks from Waterfront Park. Maybe I just caught Harrison at a low traffic lull, but it was very easy and didn't seem dangerous.

I will definitely give Terwilliger a go, as well. I've been meaning to ride it for funzies anyway.

endform 09-01-2006 11:01 AM

So here is my supersecret (not anymore) route that avoids all of downtown traffic and almost all of barbur north of terwilliger.

If you're going north take a right on Miles st (goes by the white church and community center). Cross over the freeway and you end up on Custer rd. Follow this for 2 block and go left on Corbett.

Now you take corbett way north (down a super steep hill) all the way to boundary street. Take a right (go east) on boundary and cross 43. Now you go back north on Landing Square Dr. This area is full of parking lots, so depending on the time of day there may or may not be a lot of traffic. Typically when I take this route (at night) these streets are abandonded.

So here where is gets a little off the map because you're going to cut through parking lots and stuff. You can make your way all the way to Avalon Hotel and Spa (it's big) and you take a quick little downhill eastward crossing the train tracks. Now take the road that goes to the north immediately after the tracks. Follow this until you meet up with what is the very beginning of the west side trail (Willamette Greenway I think is the official name). Now you can take the regular route to downtown from that trailhead which then puts you on the southern edge of waterfront park.

Hopefully this is illustrative enough to be able to see it on a map.

thomschoenborn 09-01-2006 11:37 AM

Going down 4th from Barbur isn't too bad, really. You have a similar merge like at Naito, but unlike that merge, there's a stoplight at the one on 4th. Plus, in the morning, that traffic goes pretty slow because of all the lights. From there, it's easy to merge right and take a right on, what? Madison? To hit the Hawthorne. I do it every day, and it's a lot better than waiting for that light at 1st by the 7-11. Ugh. That's the longest light ever.

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