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Spiffy 07-08-2010 08:52 AM

MUP path crossing, am I a vehicle or a pedestrian?
being new to the whole MUP thing parts of it seem really confusing... where they cross roads seems especially confusing...

usually there is a STOP sign for bikes, but then it never fails that a car will stop to let you cross... so there we are, me with a stop sign waiting for traffic to clear and them stopped in the middle of the street yielding their right of way to let a vehicle enter the roadway...

but then I read a comment to a news article saying that on a MUP a bicycle is considered a pedestrian... but that doesn't make any sense... why have stop signs for pedestrians and rules about audible passing alerts?

so is there a section of bicycle law dealing specifically with a MUP?

are cars required to stop for a bicycle on a MUP crossing a road? if so is it because we are forced to use the sidewalk therefore forcing us to become pedestrians as soon as we enter the roadway but then we magically convert back to bicycles when we get to the other side and are on the MUP again?

and if cars are required to stop then why are bicycles required to stop? are they courtesy signs like in parking lots and they don't have to be obeyed?

is a MUP crosswalk really a crosswalk or is it an extension of the MUP? when going across do we have to slow down to a pedestrian crawl if any pedestrians are present?

the laws on bikes in the road are mostly clear, but I haven't seen anything about a MUP other than having to make an audible alert to pass peds...

OnTheRoad 07-08-2010 10:46 AM

I don't know the legal ins-and-outs of multi-use paths, but my own take on them when they cross a street is that bikes must stop or slow down.

If an auto driver stops to allow you to cross, I figure they're just being nice.

I then cross carefully, never assuming the other vehicles are going to be nice and stop too.

Here's a column by Ray Thomas trying to figure out MUPs. He seems to say that bicycles on an MUP should slow down to walking speed when they cross a street, similar to the rules for bikes on sidewalks.


Spiffy 07-09-2010 05:40 AM

thanks that's a good reference...

I'll have to look up stop sign rules to see if they apply on a bicycle path... I'm sure it just says vehicle since we have to stop at regular stop signs, but I don't know if it specifies road or not...

Spiffy 08-10-2010 01:31 PM

another issue that has come up recently...

am I required to stay to the right and pass on the left on a MUP?

what about pedestrians?

just in the last couple days I've had issues where people and bicycles were on the left side of the path or an actual left lane of a path...

one instance was where a family was taking up both lanes of a path and when I rang my bell they all jumped to the left side where I was going to pass, then we had to do the little "I don't know where you're going" dance while we all changed lanes a couple times until I almost had to stop to be sure not to hit one of them...

another was a kid riding his BMX in the left lane of a path... not so bad, except that as I was passing him on the right in my lane other bikes were coming at him and he then had no place to go... I was worried he'd swerve into me but he just hugged the left side even more while everybody passed both directions on his right...

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