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pdxdanbiker 08-28-2009 07:51 PM

camping at milo mciver ( alt. route)
hey all i just got back from my third camping trip at milo mciver this year. i just wanted to let you all know of a different way to get there that wont have a big hill to get out of. ( which can be nice if are loaded down with gear). if you take hwy 224 to 211 and cross the bridge ( awesome view by the way) just on the right is south river lake road, you take that down, and then get to a gate about a mile later go through that ( it's ok to do lots of people do) then about a mile up is the back end of milo mciver. so just a shout out for those who may not know that route exists. it easier and not a hill on it. ( except for a tiny one )

about that road a half mile is paved then it goes to gravel, a couple dogs might chase ya ( one tiny one huge) but they are tame, once you get to the gate it is gravel and dirt then once you get to the boat ramp it is hard packed gravel. ( just watch for horse crap there can be a lot sometimes) so anyway just thought i would throw that out for ya all in case ya didnt know. so go camping over the labor day weekend or whatever and have fun, Dan

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