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K'Tesh 07-14-2009 09:38 AM

My First Deer, and Welcome to it
Dunno what made me think of deer and bicycles... Hmmm :rolleyes:


But I did, then I thought back to my childhood readings of Pat McMannus, and his story in:

They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?

Here's a quote from the chapter "My First Deer, and Welcome to it".


I had rigged up my bike especially for deer hunting. There were straps to hold my rifle snugly across the handlebars, and saddlebags draped over the back fender to carry my gear. The back fender had been reinforced to support a sturdy platform, my reason for this being that I didn't believe the original fender was stout enough to support a buck when I got one. My one oversight was failing to put a guard over the top of the bike chain, in which I had to worry constantly about getting my tongue caught. Deer hunting on a bike was no picnic
I got to meet Pat back when he was on a book signing tour, and got to tell him how much I loved his stories...

Check it out!

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