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bikejunkie 05-30-2006 05:25 PM

IHPV races at PIR
Saturday evening I was invited to a social gathering to celebrate the IHPV Challenge. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet the real brains behined the recumbent world. I met Jeff Wills who actually started the IHPV races. Michael Wolf of course was there and was congratulated for his success in the Wasco Race. Heintz Neuman and his band were also providing entertainment in the musical form. These guys put out some great tunes. Heintz even told me that he'd carried his full size cello in a blue sky trailer.

Garrie Hill, who is said to be a master of carbon fibre, was showing photographs of his work in the HPV world. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera, but Chris Leck has numerous shots of the event.

Then on Sunday the Community Exchange Touring Club took a trip out to the IHPV Challenge. The advantage of going on Sunday was that the rain was less severe and spirits were high. The first event we saw was the Electric Vehicle Races. There were some very interesting vehicles to see.

I met a few members of the Willamette High School team led by Mike Hodgert. The EV challenge was more marathon than race. Vehicles simply had to keep running for the full hour.

By contrast the HPVs were designed to go as fast as the human body would allow. They were built very low and very aerodynamic.
When we weren't watching the races, we were looking at or trying different machines.

There was every type of factory and homebuilt bike one could imagine. There were different variations of bike, trike, and probably a quad or two.

The most often tested bike was the Chameleon by Bill Stites Design. Everyone from our ride took a spin on it.

The next interesting bike was the quad-powered 'Manuped Trike' which Fred Hatch built off of a blue-sky trailer. This fascinating machine was front-wheel drive and had two freewheels so the arm or leg cranks could operate independantly. It was the single most challenging vehicle I've ever ridden. However I managed after a lot of flops to get it going for a hundred meters or so. Maybe he'll bring the bike to MCBF so we can all test it.

Towards the end we spent some time chatting with Jamie McMenemy who developed both the lefty hub which is used by Cannondale, as well as a new single loaded rear axle. The mechanics are quite impressive. The day was very fascinating and each of us learned something new about biking.

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