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andrewj154 08-06-2008 07:01 PM

Anyone Interested In going on a Oregon Biking Adventure??
Here's the deal: I have lived in Portland for one month and now I have to leave. Unfortunately I didn't get to do or see a lot in Oregon.

So...I am going on a week long bike ride around Oregon that will begin and end in Portland. And I wanted to know if anyone wanted to come along.

Here is the logistics. I have a route mapped out that I believe would be a lot of fun and get to see a lot of Oregon. It is far easier for me to just e-mail the route to anyone interested because I made it on Gmaps and the link is outrageously long. But basically it would follow all back roads to Bend and then back roads to Eugene, then to the Coast, up the coast to Tillamook and then back to Portland. All and all it will be about 675 miles.

I would ideally want leave on 17th or 18th of August. This means cranking out about 100 miles a day. At night just stay at campsites and then possibly stay at a place in Eugene and Tillamook.

The kind of people that should come: I don't care age or gender, just be a strong and experienced rider. That means being able to ride long distances at a solid pace. Provide you own food, gear, whatever. Be adventurous and fun to be around for a week.

About me: I am a 23 year old male, very active and a recent college grad. Just would like to have one, two, or as many people as we can get to come along. Because doing 675 miles by yourself (even though the route will be beautiful) can be boring and dangerous. Why don't I take a friend? They don't ride bikes but can run really well...

If interested I have more info and can send you the route. Respond to this post or to my email andrewj154@gmail.com.

Hope to hear from you,


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