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Oldguyonabike 06-13-2008 10:08 AM

Clackamas Town Center to Canby Ferry
I've recruited some new riders in my office near Clackamas Town Center who are interested in some after work rides this summer. The 205 path still goes south from here but I can't figure out an uncongested route to the Canby Ferry (where there's some interest here in exploring).
Do we have to take on 99? These guys are a bit green so I am trying to protect them from rush hour traffic and monster climbs.
Any ideas?

bikieboy 06-14-2008 09:25 AM

to the Canby Ferry
OG, I think the bike/ped bridge over the Clackamas River is still closed so to get to Oregon City you need to cut thru Gladstone to 99E to get over the Clackamas River. From OC, you go up the hill (or take the elevator to avoid the climb!) and get on Linn ave. and then Central Point rd. going south -- you can cut west to Canby on Union Hall Rd., then back north to the ferry. Central Point is a pretty nice ride, traffic not too bad the times i've ridden it, at least once you get out of OC. Some rolling hills but no wicked climbs.

From the other direction to get to the ferry, it's over the bridge at OC then south along the river thru west Linn - Pete's Mt. Rd. is a nice ride IMO but it is a really steep climb for nearly 2 miles, then a screamer of a descent to the ferry- I don't know of any other decent way to get to the ferry from this direction...?

Oldguyonabike 06-16-2008 02:52 PM

Thanks for the idea. I'll think about that.
I penned out a route from Carver that heads out Redland Rd and then zigzags down to Canby, but its ~20miles one way. Too far as a 40 miler after work. We'll just have to find some shorter trips.

cyclotouriste 07-29-2008 02:25 PM

When approaching the Canby Ferry from the north, for the love of Pete, don't go over Pete's Mt Road.

Much better: cross the Willamette at OC, and get on Willamette Falls Dr. It becomes Borland after it crosses the Tualatin River. Turn left on Turner Road, and then left on Mountain Road. Mountain will take you straight to the ferry. All of these roads are quieter than Pete's Mountain and not nearly as steep.

Haven_kd7yct 07-30-2008 07:43 AM

Also for the love of pete, PLEASE GET AND USE A RED BLINKIE LIGHT ON THE REAR OF YOUR BIKE. There's quite a bit of overhanging tree canopy over the road and if you don't have that red blinkie light, the chances of you being seen by car traffic is somewhere between slim and none.

My parents live up on top of The Hill (as we locals call it), and they have a lot of difficulty with cyclists being invisible under the canopy. My parents know to look for them, even more so since I started riding.

Definitely go the alternate route suggested; it's not so steep, not so shaded by the canopy, and it's a better road. No shoulder, though, so be careful.

bikieboy 07-30-2008 10:54 AM

Pete's Mt. busier than Borland-Turner-Mountain route?
[QUOTE=cyclotouriste;13452]All of these roads are quieter than Pete's Mountain...QUOTE]

From Clackamas County traffic count data (2005), in vehicles per day (24 hours):

- Borland : 6,250 (west of Dollar)
- Turner: 860
- Mountain Rd.: 1,550 south of Advance / 1,050 north of Advance

- Pete's Mountain: 1,400 north of Schaeffer / 800 south of Schaeffer

No question, though, that Pete's is a wicked climb.

cyclotouriste 08-06-2008 01:44 PM

- Borland : 6,250 (west of Dollar)
- Turner: 860
- Mountain Rd.: 1,550 south of Advance / 1,050 north of Advance

- Pete's Mountain: 1,400 north of Schaeffer / 800 south of Schaeffer

Okay, Borland has a lot of traffic. But as your numbers show, Turner is virtually empty. And Mountain Rd. and Pete's Mountain Rd. are basically indistinguishable, volume-wise. The difference is that if you're going up Pete's Mountain Rd, all those cars are passing you at 50 while you're doing, like 6 mph. Mountain Rd from Turner to the ferry is all downhill, and you can averge mid-20's on that stretch, no problem.

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