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OldHouseMan 02-16-2008 02:52 PM

NE Portland to PCC Rock Creek
Anything west of the west hills is as foreign to me as visiting a far away land. So with that said I am going to be taking a few classes at the PCC Rock Creek campus and don't really feel like fighting traffic to get there. What would be the best route to take on a bike from the Irvington area? I can use any route from roads to going through Forest Park but would like to keep it reasonably safe. I really like the climb up Cornell but if it gets any narrower/busy than that I'll pass.

Also, I'd consider a route that included the MAX but no buses.

bikieboy 02-16-2008 04:32 PM

NE to PCC Rock Creek
OHM, i'd go as follows - may or may not be the best, depending on your taste. I'd take Thompson/Cornell for the return trip, as the fast downhill on pavement seems a better idea-
  • from NW Portland take st Helens Rd.
  • L on Hwy 30
  • L on Saltzman - it's a minor street so it's hard to spot, and also hard to X St Helen's Rd.
  • climb - go pas the gate, continue on gravel (pretty good stuff)
  • keep climbing as you pass Lief Erickson
  • come out at Skyline (back on pavement), hang a Right
  • LEFT on Springville
  • follow to PCC
about 11 miles. Saltzman is a fairly gradual ascent & the gravel's reasonable. I've done it on 28c tires. I don't know how Springville is -- it's fine on weekends, but might depend on time/day.

Schrauf 02-19-2008 11:02 AM

That looks like a good route. The gravel on Saltzman is fairly fine so okay for some road bikes - especially uphill to avoid Cornell. Otherwise do Cornell to Thompson to West Union.

elk 02-19-2008 11:57 PM

i could be way off with this suggestion...but i work out at that campus and have travelled to and from at most times of day except early morning. (from SW )

If you can get over Burnside (and deal with that traffic) and take the fork right at the bottom of the hill where the cemetary is onto Skyline..you won't see much traffic. And that's pretty much the start of Skyline (excepting the jog that goes from Burnside to the 26) Skyline to Springville...take an easy left ...straight shot.

I assume that either way you're a strong rider...hills.

The max train runs along 26 to the Beaverton Transit Center. From there you could ride (or get a bus).

I have a few co-workers who come over from the east side via Max/bike. I'll ask them as well. I think they ride from the transit center.

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