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K'Tesh 02-07-2008 08:14 PM

Newbies, Please read this before posting...
If you haven't already, you might want to read the Welcome to the Forums! post first. If you're having problems getting authorized to post, check out this thread Signed up, but still can't post?. Now, On with the show...

You needn't appologize,

Don't be afraid! We all started somewhere. I myself still concider myself a Newbie... I may have joined in 2006, but I only got active after I was run into the back of a minivan in August 07... So, I'm still figuring out things.

Rather than post a title:

http://www.bikeportland.org/forum/im...cons/icon1.gif "Newbie question...."

Just ask the question. It helps us track down related threads for you, and those who come after you. ie:

http://www.bikeportland.org/forum/im...cons/icon5.gif "Images... How do I post em?"

So, Welcome aboard! Get busy writing... We want to know what we can do to help you make Oregon (and Southern Washington) the Best Place on Earth to Ride Your Bike! ;)

All The Best! http://forums.mtbr.com/images/smilies/thumbsup.gif

ps I stole the smilies from http://forums.mtbr.com

K'Tesh 02-07-2008 08:17 PM

Posting Tips! 101
For successful posting, I've found that using the Post Icons, and Smilies also help a lot, rather than the boring... default http://www.bikeportland.org/forum/im...cons/icon1.gif

Adding images can be done...
In the menu that you see when you start a post, there is http://www.bikeportland.org/forum/im...nsertimage.gif. Click on it, then if MIE puts up an information bar, click on "Temporarily Allow Scripted Windows"... click on the Insert Image again, and paste the URL of the image you want to show... and Voila! She is Beautiful! No?


URLs are done the same way, just click on http://www.bikeportland.org/forum/im...createlink.gif and don't paste in an images's link.

An Image can be made into a link, Just replace the printed Link URL with the Image's URL (and dont forget the IMG begin and end tags) for proof, just click that sexy glow in the dark bike above... (I'd have put a wink here, but you're limited to 5 images per post)

It just takes practice...

Members, Any other tips you can suggest? Post Em!

K'Tesh 02-07-2008 08:19 PM

On issues that you ask about... ie: you're in a crash, asking advice

Follow up on it... Please let us know things turned out. We might learn something, or identify where we need to focus our energies.


K'Tesh 02-07-2008 09:34 PM

More on Images...
To streamline the viewing process of your images, you might want to upload them to flickr.com (rather than posting it as an attachment). flickr is free to upload your images, up to 100MB per calandar month. :D

Then you can select a size, then view it's properties, copy, cut, and paste it's location into a message, and you're image is in your post.

Check it out!
Rubberside Down!

K'Tesh 07-18-2008 06:39 AM

A Picture's Worth...
One of the things that I have found is that pics REALLY help! You can call ODOT, PDOT, or whoever, you can talk till you're blue in the face, but you're hoping that the person you are talking to is documenting your complaint and not doodling...

Send Emails to them with pics! So, you don't carry a camera regularly? Are you so sure about that? What about your Cell Phone? Does it have one?

Presto!!! Change O!!! ODOT comes thru!!!

I've had a lot of success in getting storm drains fixed/replaced just because I eliminate all confusion by sending a pic.

It took me a while, but I learned that I should take pictures from multiple angles before I do something, then I can choose from the images which ones I want to post. Pics are cool! :cool:

If you're gonna shoot something... Use a Camera!!!
Rubberside Down!

K'Tesh 11-07-2008 08:37 AM

Not sure where to look? The Search feature didn't help?
Several commonly asked subjects have been indexed in the
Perpetually relevent threads... thread. You might find what you're looking for there.

Rubberside Down!

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