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Let's Bike 11-29-2007 02:17 PM

Please help me avoid NW Cornell Rd
I live approx. 1 mile west of NW Skyline between Cornell and Thompson and work near OGI. The most direct commute route for me is via NW Cornell between NW 102nd and NW Amberglen Parkway. Heading west is usually not too bad, but I feel unsafe riding east through a couple stretches...

The first one is between 173rd and 158th, where it's high-traffic, poorly lit, and narrow with sketchy shoulder. It is currently under construction thus there are lots of debris and gravel on the ground. Trying to go straight (therefore merging left from far right) when most cars are turning right at 173rd doesn't help either.

The other stretch I dislike is east of Cedar Hills Blvd up to NW 107th Ave, where it's a unlit, narrow, and no shoulder uphill, and cars are going at least 45mph.

I had been taking this route until this close call almost a month ago. I have also tried this route, which is much safer, but is almost 3 miles longer than taking Cornell. As the weather gets colder and rainier, I find myself braving Cornell more and more often.

I enjoy riding, but not so much in the cold and rain, therefore I'd like to find a shorter and relatively safe route home so I don't have to resort to MAX. Could you advise such route? Many thanks in advance!

lynnef 11-29-2007 03:48 PM

how about this one?

It avoids Cedar Hills Blvd entirely - crosses over 217 on the pedestrian bridge. Either ride down through the transit center parking structure (turn left at the end of the bridge, carry the bike down the stairs, or use the elevator.

You could also go further on Cornell to 173rd, and turn right there, and then left onto Walker. No bike lanes, two travel lanes each direction, watch for the deep grates by the curbs.

To make the left turn onto Meadow from Walker, if I can't get over, I pull into the Nike entrance and cross over Walker (the Nike entrance is Meadow, sort of)

Simple Nature 11-29-2007 08:36 PM

I'd almost consider hwy26 if I had to commute that.

Cornell doesn't limit the on-road stretches better than Walker?

Personally I've never been to ashamed to ride sidewalks either.

lynnef 11-29-2007 10:15 PM

commute what? I'm not sure which part of the suggested route disturbs you.

I meant that 173rd doesn't have bike lanes. Walker has them continuously east from 173rd, all the way to just east of Cedar Hills. That's why I don't like to ride on Walker west of 173rd. I'd sooner cut north there, then west on Cornell for a block, then onto Evergreen.

I have taken to riding the sidewalk up the Park Way hill. Nicer. I usually have it all to myself.

K'Tesh 11-29-2007 11:37 PM

I've been up on Hwy 26...

It has Nice Wide Shoulders... few turns... TONS of Traffic ;) and it's noisy... (but it's a lot shorter than anything I saw on the map).

Best of Luck on This... I'll keep checking the map.
All The Best!

Let's Bike 11-30-2007 11:15 AM

Thanks for all your suggestions!
Thanks lynnef for the detailed route suggestion! I like the idea of avoiding Cedar Hills Blvd as the stretch that crosses Hwy26 always makes me uncomfortable. I'd also like to avoid Walker west of 173rd if all possible. I'll try Cornell->173rd->Walker... tonight and see how it goes.

Thanks, Simple Nature and K'Tesh! I'd rather not ride on Hwy26. Trying to turn left onto NW Cedar Hills Blvd exiting Hwy26 is a nightmare in a car. I cannot imagine doing that on a bike (My best bet would be tagging along with a left-turning car and riding really fast). No to mention that I have seen plenty of drivers passing on the shoulder illegally when traffic is backup, or zipping out abruptly to make an exit when they almost miss it. It would be too stressful to be healthy even if I don't get run over. ;)

I'm not too ashamed to ride on sidewalks. It's just that I've been taught that riding on sidewalks is unsafe, and I find it a nuisance. Besides, the "sidewalk" on the stretch of Cornell between Cedar Hills Blvd and NW 107th Ave is a zigzaged narrow dirt path garnished with tall weeds and low hanging tree branches.

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