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K'Tesh 11-26-2007 11:01 PM

SB on Hwy 217
Anyone want to join me SB on Hwy 217?

I ride from the Beaverton Fred Meyers down to 99W typically 'round 7:35AM

I also ride the reverse around 6:00PM. (Bring Lights).

Rubberside Down!

lynnef 11-27-2007 08:44 AM

Not me. However, my husband, a more fair-weather commuter :) uses this route. I remember you saying you live up by St. V's, so I started the map from there.


the route is not mapped well after Denney, because you are hopping onto the Fanno Creek Trail, which will get you all the way to Tigard St.

MUCH quieter than Hwy 217, and no on/off ramp cross traffic.

He'll ride it with you one day, if you want.

The left across Walker to jog onto 106th is MUCH safer than turning right, then waiting to turn left onto 108th. Fast traffic, blind curve...

K'Tesh 11-27-2007 05:37 PM

The Hwy 217 route map.

Originally Posted by lynnef (Post 7647)
I remember you saying you live up by St. V's...

Thanks lynnef,

I actually live closer to downtown Beaverton... Here's my map..


I'm a little shy of using the Fanno Creek Trail... I've heard that it floods... and I wan't to ride faster than what I've been able to pull off on the trail (Read: Slower than will get me to work on time).

Also, the On/Off ramps are not that difficult to navigate... Look behind you...
Wait till it's clear... Signal your turn... Turn... Keep Riding. ;)

It is noisy, and there are a lot of cars, but they all are going the same way you are, and there's no stopsigns/lights, driveways, dogs, iPloders, or gaps in the bikelane (of course it's a shoulder, and at times very narrow (ie: under Hall, past Greenburg)), but I haven't had too much trouble.

I must say there is that guilty pleasure of passing cars stuck in the rush hour crawl.

Rubberside Down!

lynnef 11-27-2007 09:07 PM

Fanno Creek Trail may flood. In which case Nimbus is an excellent substitute. It is mostly not flooded, I think :)

I have ridden on freeway shoulders (for miles and miles). If there is no other way, sure, but not for me otherwise.

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