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Brian Lacy 10-05-2007 01:38 PM

Bike Empowered now teaching riding/repair courses
Hello Portland metro cyclists and would-be cyclists,

With 27 years teaching children, women and men how to fix and ride bikes, I am formally putting all this experience into what I am calling Bike Empowered. If you or someone you know would ride, or ride more with some coaching, please forward this note to them or speak with them.

Below is a cut and paste from a flyer. To download a pdf of it, please go to:http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group...redya-hoogroup

Bike Empowered coaches individuals and small groups in every aspect of riding – for your health, safety and joy.

Our comprehensive courses:

 Address and resolve concerns: bodily pains, bike condition, bike handling skills, flat repair, route obstacles, time management, bike-to-job clothing, etc. There is no hurdle we haven’t solved.

 Set your riding goals: from a weekly ride to the store to all winter commuting. Feel the inspiration B.E. and your group can give.

 Give personal and small group coaching so you can ride with confidence and reach your destination as planned pain and tension free!

 Lead additional rides to destinations such as downtown, local stores, entertainment, access to designated bike routes, and more.

From Nov. 07 to Mar. 08, B.E. is holding courses in:

 Good winter weather novice riding group (riding skills, bike comfort, routes and rides).

 All weather riding for intermediate riders (gear, lights, expert handling skills, rides).

 Basic & intermediate repair courses -- fix your own bike this winter.

 Wheel building (includes extensive wheel truing education).

Contact Brian Lacy at
503.975.2391 or bikempowered@yahoo.com
for a course calendar and more info.

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