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06-06-2007, 12:23 PM
Posted by a friend on myspace:

June 4rth: Going East across the Hawthorne Bridge at Grand. Right there at the Intersection by Burger King.

On my way home tonight I saw a girl on a bike get hit by a car. Hard.
She hit his windshield and then bounced off the pavement. Her scream (or someone's scream now that I think about it) was loud enough to be heard over the music in my headphones (studio headphones that cover the ears fully). She was only a bit further into the road than I was. I was walking. The driver was an older man who was running a red light at rush hour. I stood there on the corner for what seemed like 10 minutes. Tried calling 911 but couldn't get thru. Hopefully the reason was that everyone else at the scene was also trying to call it in. THere was a cop right there, so he was also on his walkie talkie calling whoever after he ran to check on the girl. When I left, her eyes were opened, she was on her back and moving her hands and fingers and looked like she was responsive and talking to someone that was that was attempting to help her. 'm sure she has broken bones, but it looked like she was ultimately okay. I felt sick for the rest of my walk home and tonight has kind of been a daze.
Just writing it down in a few places cuz it helps to feel like I'm talking to someone about it.
I'm gonna try to go to bed now.