View Full Version : Springwater Gap - SE Umatilla and SE 13th

Matt P.
06-01-2007, 08:27 AM
About 7:40am yesterday, May 31st.

Traffic was backed up on NB SE 13th past Umatilla. There were two cars ahead of me at the intersection, both obviously were going to turn right. I stopped behind them, and after debating whether to press the crosswalk button, I decided to wait until the cars cleared. After a minute or so, traffic opened up, and the car just left of the intersection let the first of the two cars ahead of me turn right onto 13th. The second car did not use any signals, but started to turn right into the intersection. Taking this to mean the driver INTENDED to turn right, I passed the driver on the left side. Since NB traffic was gridlocked and unable to move, and there was no SB traffic, there were no apparent safety issues. As I passed the car starting to turn right - again, without signalling, this driver decided she didn't want to wait through the line of traffic, and turned left across my path, forcing me to brake sharply. Fortunately, there was no impact.