View Full Version : devirginized: road rage

05-24-2007, 05:02 PM
so i'm biking up NE 21st on my way home

some neanderthal passes (blue accura or sometihng like that, i tried to memorize the license plate but couldnt remember it) me and honks at me, im riding to the right of the lane but there isn't a dedicated bike lane.

so i sit up and give him the 1 finger salute (note to self: do not give neanderthanls the 1 finger salute)

at which point he tries to pull over to the right of me and stop his car. so i proceed to go around him on the left. he swerves into the oncoming lane and says "i'd kick the shit out of you, you little motherfucker if my girlfriend wasn't in the car". "right" i respond, by that time 3 or 4 cars have stacked up on 21st and he's realized his clearly in the wrong, not matter how he looks at it and speeds off to turn right on fremont.

i was kinda wishing he would have kicked the shit out of me, i could have a nice settlement from the lawsuit and a couple days off work to boot.

05-25-2007, 09:06 PM
I had kinda the same encounter with a middle aged guy in beaverton town square. I was going off the sidewalk by trader joes and a dude ran a stop sign and was close to me and my buddy so I called him an asshole. He heard me(i'm glad) and stopped got out of his car saying he wanted to fight and calling me a pussy cause I didn't say it to his face. When I rode off he called me a pussy. hypocrite. ha