View Full Version : Sunday 3/12/06 Group Rides: Springwater-Powell Butte

Steven Kung
03-08-2006, 04:41 PM
Thanks to volunteer Aaron Tarfman (yourbodypower.org) for helping to plan this ride!

Forecast for this Sunday is Partly Cloudy with 50% cloud cover, 0% rain, 49 deg F.

Ride Levels: Easy, Intermediate

There will be an Easy Loop nested within an Intermediate Loop. Riders
may join or leave the ride at any point along the path.

Ride accompanied by bike mechanics. Our club Code of Conduct asks each member to do their best to assist other participants in need during ride events.

Sequence of Group Ride Events on Sunday, ALL TIMES ESTIMATES:

1:00 PM
Pre-ride free safety-check & mini-tune at Eastbank Esplanade Madison
Street Parking Lot. UBI certified mechanic(s) will be available with tools & bike stand.

2:00 PM
Intermediate Ride Group assemble at Eastbank Esplanade Madison Street
Parking Lot. New riders sign Liability Release Agreements.

2:15 PM
Intermediate Ride Group departs. South to Springwater Corridor, to
Sellwood Bridge, left on Spokane, right on 7th, left on Umatilla, left
on 21st, right on Tacoma, left on 26th Place, right on Berkeley Place,
onto Springwater Corridor eastbound.

2:30 PM
Easy Ride Group assembles at SE Johnson Creek & SE 45th, Springwater
Corridor Johnson Creek Trail Head. New riders sign Liability Release Agreements.

2:45 PM
Easy Ride Group joins eastbound Intermediate Ride Group. East to
Powell Butte on Springwater Corridor.

3:10 PM
All riders arrive at Powell Butte

3:45 - 4:00 PM
Easy Loop Group returns to Johnson Creek Trailhead starting point.

4:45 - 5:00 PM
Intermediate Loop Group returns to Eastbank Esplanade Madison St. Parking Lot.


Both Ride Groups return to their starting points following the same
outbound paths.

This is a good chance to test out your bicycle, safety equipment, ride
clothing, and tool kits.

We recommend bringing the following gear:

Wireless Phone
Hooded jacket or head covering
Rain gear if necessary
Riding glasses
Tool pouch/multi-tool
Frame Pump or CO2 Inflator/Cartridges
Spare tubes/Patches
Water bottles or Hydration pack
Light Snack
Bike: (Preferrably with fenders in case of rain)

Both rides will be led by United Bicycle Institute certified
mechanics; no rider left behind.

All riders will need to sign a Liability Release Agreement before
departure. Under 18 riders please be accompanied by an adult.

This ride is sponsored by the Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club, a
global non-profit organization with the goal of connecting diverse
world communities through reciprocated exchange bicycle tours.

Contact: Steven Kung, 503-957-6672, sfnkung@hotmail.com