View Full Version : please look for colin's stolen bike in vancouver, WA!

05-13-2007, 10:29 AM
from colin:

"getting my bike stolen has just fucking
sucked. I spent a year building up that particular
bike and had just gotten it dialed in perfectly soon
before it was stolen. it took me everywhere.

many thanks for contacting me about what happened the
other day. Hopefully that bike does indeed to belong
to a real dude named Aiden and not some bummed person
missing their track bike like me.

MY BIKE!! Like i mentioned, a bike shop employee named
Jessie at Vancouver Cyclery saw a guy riding my bike
near NE 99th ave and Hazel Dell in Vancouver. I've
been trying to get up there as much as possible to
scout it out and to poster but have not yet seen or
heard anything.

for some reason bikeportland.org wont let me post
replies on your thread. dunno why. i'm no good with
computers. I'm wondering if you could do me a HUGE
favor and post the exact specs of my bike which i will
list below and the fact that it has been seen infact
in vancouver. can you also note that i'm offering a
$300 reward for its return. If you could do that I
would be so grateful!!!

here goes. . .

-50cm Black bareknuckle track frame w/chrome-plated
front fork
-siilver phil wood hi-flange hubs laced to black
velocity aero rims
-silver chris kings headset
-silver thomson stem and seatpost
-campy record crankset
-black easton lo-rise handlebar
-mks track pedals with black double straps"



05-13-2007, 11:13 AM
I haven't seen your bike around but I'll keep an eye out for it. There was talk about forming a bike vigilante squad...maybe this is the time to bring that back up.

08-24-2007, 09:31 PM
email from the owner:

"actually i did get my bike back!

a kid bought it off a tweaker in downtown portland for
$150 knowing that it MUST have been stolen judging
from the looks of the guy who was holding it. a couple
days later he found one of my posters. he called me, i
went to his place and to my amazement found my bike
sitting in his living room. pretty much all intact.
the pedals were gone and the seat and seatpost were
gone. totally amazing. i'm so lucky.

it's been hard to retrace my steps and let people know
that my bike has been recovered. a couple people have
stopped me on the street because they recognized it as
stolen. anyway, i'm working on it.

thanks for your interest and help in this matter. the
high concentration of energy put into the recovery of
my bike definitely worked. so thanks again!