View Full Version : do you commute on I-205 path?

Jonathan Maus
05-09-2007, 07:32 AM
if you commute on the I-205, a local reporter would like to hear your thoughts about how the upcoming detour might affect you.

please contact Kimberly Wilson if you'd like to share your thoughts - kimberlywilson@news.oregonian.com

05-09-2007, 08:15 AM
There's a request out on bike.org's forums that says you would like to hear from bicyclists having to navigate Trimet's construction.
Well, I ride from ~60th/Burnside up to the 205 path and on to Sunnybrook Rd Mon-Fri year round. I have been trying to be philosophic about the inconveniences because I support mass transit. I have found that by riding before 7AM and after 5PM that the workers are gone so I slip through usual detours of the day. The worst part has been being diverted on to 92nd and then on to Fuller Roads in Clackamas County. Those roads are full of gravel, glass and other urban flotsam. It would be terrific for Trimet to push for street sweeping as a courtesy for the inconvenience of detour on to streets. From their detour description on their web site it looks like they are eventually going to send us up 92nd after Flavel rather than letting us continue back on to the path south after Otey Rd. If that's the case there's going to be a problem because the dedicated path going up the hill just stops abruptly half way up 92nd somewhere before Johnson Creek. Clackamas Co motorists seem less savvy to bikes than Mult and I get real nervous on public streets - especially going uphill on a busy street full of glass and without a dedicated bike lane.
There are many of us who use daily and appreciate the 205 bike path. It is unique to Portland and a model for others. Most of me wants to be patient, but not at personal risk. A group of us organized through bike.org a clean-up the path last Sunday (see thread: "Officious "I-205 bike path cleanup" http://bikeportland.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=11). This was partly a show of our commitment to its upkeep (that no one else does) and our own frustrations with flat tires. The path is a very popular beer drinking corridor by people who would rather shatter bottles than recycle them.
Anyway, I look forward to your article. If you have any specific questions feel free to email me or call me in the evening @ 503.233.3971

Jeff Michel
AKA oldguyonabike @ bike.org