View Full Version : Safety Warning - Near Hawthorne Bridge

04-25-2007, 12:13 PM
Hi. Two big bike safety hazards now with construction in central Portland:

1) There are plates in the road for bikes and cars to cross a bus mall street – probably SW 3rd or so – and they are currently on around Main and Madison and thus affecting lots of Hawthorne Bridge crossers. These plates can be REALLY SLIPPERY, especially when wet or if you brake - I went down on one while braking at about 5 mph the other night, luckily not hurt. Perhaps city/TriMet/whoever could put a BIG warning sign there for CYCLISTS WATCH OUT - PLATE SLIPPERY ESPECIALLY WHEN WET.

2) If you are say coming down SE Hawthorne toward downtown and take a right at the light where it becomes one-way facing you - it's probably SE 12th or something - and then you go to move one or two lanes to the left so you can turn left at Madison and head toward the Hawthorne bridge - well, there is re-paving going on there that has created a 2-3 inch RISE in the pavement that is PARALLEL to your forward motion and therefore risks taking you down if you don't hit it at an angle or hop over it. I saw it as the last second the other NIGHT and hopped with my skinny tires, thus averting a possible fall. Perhaps... I don't know, a few big warning signs? Say “CYCLISTS BEWARE: RISE BETWEEN LANES”?

Suposedly Roger Geller of the city of Portland (bike person) and someone with TriMet have been notified.