View Full Version : I am sorry - to the woman in the Outback

04-20-2007, 05:18 PM
To the woman driving the Subaru with the many Democrat stickers, I apologize for getting so upset with you as you passed me on Ladd near Hawthorne. You stopped and opened your windows to hear me out, much to my surprise. You seemed genuinely chagrined. I was over the top. You are about my age and of my political bent, too. You looked like someone with whom I would enjoy a coffee and chat. We probably have interests in common, maybe even riding bikes.

But... A couple years ago I was closely passed very near that same part of Ladd. It was so close that I wobbled into the side of a brand new parked Mercedes. It damaged my bike, cut my hand badly, and tore the mirror off the car for which I paid nearly $500 to repair. (But damn that paint on a Mercedes is some tough stuff! It took a smear of tire rubber, but it all came off with a rub of auto wax.) That is why I am edgy about cars passing me close by. It really sucks to be forced into an injurious and costly accident.

You passed me while we were alongside the 50 foot long island near the gas station. It is only 50 feet! It would take me no more than 5 seconds to clear it after which you would have had the full left side of the street with which to pass me. Do you need to be in such a hurry that you would endanger a cyclist? You were not even going much faster than me.

I think you were wrong to squeeze me like that, but I still feel awful about my outburst of temper. Riding a bike used to be such a joyful alternative way to commute - the breeze, the trees, the birds in the morning. Now it seems to be nearly as stressful as driving. That really sucks. It is normally not so bad once I get off Hawthorne an onto Ladd, but not so good as it used to be, now that we have the new threat of being ticketed for going through the stop signs no faster than most of the cars do, too.

So, it is back to my feet. My Keens are my new bicycle. Walking is slow, but it is nearly stress free. That is a much better way to end a work day.

04-21-2007, 07:03 AM
Don't be sorry when your life is at stake. It sounds like she needed to cool off, not you. Do not forget your right too the full lane when passing would be hazardous. Because a bleeding heart yuppie was in such a hurry, we are one man down in our numbers. That sucks. Come back. And remember, democrats can be jerks, too.