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04-16-2007, 02:23 PM
i just saw this report, posted on craiglist today about the time trail race on sunday. have a look, some people are crazy.

Bicycle Race up Clackamas River out of Estacada
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Date: 2007-04-15, 9:21PM

Today there was a bike race of some sort about Promatory Park up the Clackamas river out of Estacada. I noticed that a lot of these riders have no sense to what is going on around them many of them ride right down the middle of the road, i even had one coming toward me on my side of the road in a corner. What are these people thinking? There is a shoulder most of the route they were on and many of the riders were using it and trying to be safe and stay out of the traffics way, ,but so many were not.
I happened upon one guy riding right down the middle of the lane, I honked my horn to let him know I was there, and it didn't even phase him, he stayed right in the middle of the road, so when there was a straight enough place to see that no one or any other bikes were coming toward me I crossed into the incoming traffics lane and honked and past the ride, he in turned flipped me off, which angered me, so I signalled and pulled over to the right to stop and ask him what his problem was. As I was stopping he finally decided to get on to the shoulder and tried to squeeze between me and the guard rail, he clipped the guard rail and went down just in front of me. I jumped out of the truck and asked if he was ok, he said yes, then I went on to ask him what his problem was and why he was flipping me off since he was the one riding down the middle of the lane, he would not answer but to recite my license plate number, I assume as a threat. so as he was getting up I drove away. I do
n't feel I did anything wrong in this, but why would someone on a bicycle want to tangle with a big truck? where is the common sense these days? Why can't bike ride like the drivers manual say and ride with traffic as far to the right as safely possible, and obey the traffic laws. I constantly see bike running red lights riding on side walks going the wrong direction. these bike are not paying road taxes but we supply them with bike paths and lanes. why can't they obey the laws they are there for a reason to keep everyone safe! I know that there are many riders who do obey these laws, and it is the same old thing the few make all look bad.

Just my 2 cents worth.

re: Bike race up the Clack. River

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Date: 2007-04-15, 11:34PM PDT

The only thing you did wrong was not knocking his butt into the river. Why do they not obey the laws? Why do they think they're above the law? Because they get away w/ it in the city. When they hit the rural areas, they're fair game!
Why don't they do this sort of thing in Molalla? Because there has been a few bodies found next to mangled bikes,. No witnesses, nothing heard or seen.
Nothing against the law-abiding bikers, but figure a 60 lb. bike versus a 3K lb. truck. Doesn't really matter who's right, now does it?

The original post was removed and i believe that the hit rider has contacted police.

04-16-2007, 02:57 PM
Wow!!! That is crazy. Heaven forbid the guy may have been riding as far right as he felt comfortable with given his speed of doing a Time Trial.

Also, to the driver, why do you feel okay running a cyclist in to a gaurd rail. Again, stating your reason of logic about obeying the law, in that situation you were wrong, and I hope you get charged with attempted Vehicular Homicide. Your posting will only help the cyclist in this case. As the bike can legally be taking up all the way to the far left of the lane, and you have to pass the bike as if it were a car. So, I guess you were the one in the wrong. Also, admit to it, you were hoping to trap him to the gaurdrail and be able to jump out of your truck and try to beat him up, until it turned against you and you almost killed the guy!!! Hey, isn't road rage now a felony in the state? Ooops, you idiot, you just published this publicly.

As for cyclists running red lights, and riding fast on the sidewalks, this guy is right. This is obviously part of his fuel for taking it out on this guy doing a TT. For those of you who run red lights, etc. Think about this post next time.

04-16-2007, 03:50 PM
I don't run red lights, but a threat to do bodily harm to someone for doing so should have no effect on anybody's thinking.

What we've got here is two signed confessions, one for assault and the other for conspiracy to commit assault. The cyclist should get an attorney to subpoena the identities from Craigslist, or from the plate number, and sue. Then refer the perps to the DA for criminal prosecution.