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03-03-2006, 02:29 PM
I'm relatively new to PDX and the biking community in general. I just started biking as a means of exercise, transportation, and enjoyment within the last 9 months, but it has really changed my life. I have lost weight, feel mentally healthy, and love the fact that my car remains parked in front of my house since late July.

The only aspect of biking that has ever rubbed me the wrong way have been bike shops. I do not want to name any names, but there have been three different ones around town I have frequented because they were relatively close to my house. The people working in those shops came off as condescending and arrogant, making me feel like a complete idiot for even walking into the door. I do not feel like there was any malice in there actions, but it really made me hesitant to go in for simple things like tubes or lights.

That all changed today when a friend recommended Veloshop downtown off Burnside. I went in for some relatively minor things, but the staff were awesome and very friendly. I'm sure they could tell that I was still new to the biking community, but they made me feel really comfortable with the questions I asked. It is so refreshing to find a shop like this. I'm not trying to put anyone else's shop down, but from personal experience, this is the place I will be spending my money from now on.

Thanks Veloshop.


05-04-2006, 08:54 AM
That is great to hear. I have had similar experiances, both good and bad. I will leave the bad ones out.
The good ones I really like are the Bike-N-Hike in Hillsboro, really cool and friendly guys who love to talk about bikes at any level. They have been great helping me out with some small/minor things as well as some items that took up a lot of their time.
The other one is Performance in Beaverton (specifically that store). Performance has their reputation with some, but I have had nothing but awesome service from the Beaverton shop. They are really laid back and helpful.

Jiwa Jiwa
06-08-2006, 02:43 PM
yes, all hail veloshop.

and much love to the mechanics (specifically) at bike gallery on sandy.

as for the 'other' big sexy shop in town... they make a good free espresso on the weekend. (period.)

06-10-2006, 08:23 AM
I love the Bike Gallery on Woodstock. Everyone who works there has been friendly and extremely helpful. They know that my boyfriend and I want to learn how to be more mechanically savvy with our bikes, so they show us how to work on our bikes and they explain the thinking behind each step, encouraging us to do as much on our bikes as we can. I just can't say enough good things about them.

06-12-2006, 11:59 AM
revolver, on interstate, is my neighborhood shop. mark who owns the shop is absolutely the nicest guy.